Rules & Regulation

Myanmar Lethwei competition
Rules and regulations of Challenge (KO rules) fights

Section (1)
Type of competition

Challenge fight

Section (2)
Weight categories (males/females)
Weight categories of Lethwei competition (challenge fight) (male/female)
(a) Fly 51 kg
(b) Bantam 54 kg
(c) Feather 57 kg
(d) Light 60 kg
(e) Light welter 63.5 kg
(f) Welter 67 kg
(g) Light middle 71 kg
(h) Middle 75 kg
(i) Heavy 81+ kg
Section (3)
Qualification system
Only fighters qualified for professional levels are allowed to take part

Section (4)
Rounds and Fighting Time
3 minutes fight x 5 rounds with 2 minutes intervals

Section (5)
1. Fighters shall wear the color of the shorts (red or blue) respective to the color of corner
2. Fighters shall bring one red and blue shorts
3. Finger and toe nails shall be neatly cut
4. Amulets may be neatly tied
5. Amulets shall not be fallen off several times and are not allowed to use for hampering the performance of opposition. Amulets can be tied neatly on the wrist or arm
6. May put on anklet and knee cap. But, harmful materials are not allowed to put in.
7. Fighters not following the rules are not allowed to take part
8. Fighters are not allowed to put on logos and names rather than the logos and names of their gym/team, sponsors on their shorts
9. Fighters are not allowed to wear watches, belts, hand-chain, necklace, ring, ear-ring. Shall order to take off if they put on
10. All fighters must wear groin protector
11. Fighters shall trim their mustache and beard neatly when they are to fight
12. Fighters shall put on mouth guard

Section (6)
Medical check-up and weigh-in
1. The fighters shall undergo the medical check-up with the doctor assigned by the Competition Committee, MLF and weigh-in
2. Fighters who haven’t been medical check-in and not recommended medically are not allowed to take part. Shall not have contagious /B/C virus
3. All fighters are to weigh-in and medical check-up one day before the competition between 8 to 10 a.m.
4. Fighters shall weigh-in only with under-wear

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